Can Past Research Guide Future Success?
It may be time to start re-examining some of the past thinking by providing a fresh perspective and new input that could help update or complement existing business frameworks.
Recognizing Technology As a ‘Socially Constructed Product’
Despite a wealth of information and past research available on diffusion of innovation, only a small fraction of innovations is embraced by the majority.
The Risk of Failure of Adoption
With all technological innovations, regardless of whether they are radical or incremental, there is always a risk of failure of adoption to the majority.
An Age of Incremental Innovations
A radical or disruptive innovation entails introducing a breakthrough solution, whereas an incremental innovation typically involves either introducing an existing technology to a new market or increasing its value to its current market through customization and other means.
Theory of Imitation and The Role of Sociology in Explaining Adoption
The adoption of anything new – whether technology, behavior, or policy – relies heavily on the social context and the background of the population using it.